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how to join marine engineering after BE (Mechanical Engineering)

Now a days many engineers like you want to go for merchant navy so soon after doing their courses. Having same mechanical base and study of engines working one can easily go for merchant navy as marine engineer. In the following article we will she step by step how to join marine engineering after be.

Till so far, if we want to be a naval/marine engineer, the best way to do this is by B.E./B.Tech. Marine engineering course after the 12th School of Education Science (physics subjects, chemistry and mathematics). But the good news is that there have been good courses for PG and graduate students, which one can pursue and finally a naval/marine engineer.

What is marine engineering all about?

Ships are to be maintained with massive engines and factories of electricity for the propulsion and auxiliary on the ship with a specific end goal to Maintain Seaworthiness. All technical aspects of the Ship holds extreme operational efficiency and so  considered and maintained by ship engineers.

A naval engineer is a lucrative job offer. A marine engineer acquires considerable knowledge and the ability to work under pressure and difficult conditions at sea. It is self-confident research all aspects of the machines to work. In short, a marine engineer is a person who deals with everything related to the ship, from small things to big issues. Now the responsibility of ship engineers is not only related to ships, but also must ensure the safety of the crew and sailors.

Marine engineers are the true saints with jack of all trades and an ace of diesel engines. Working in  the transport company makes them meet and see many universal things as well as exposure to the outside world. They know how the configurations of the nations of the world are the same. They know how to get at different places in the world "Things Done". They look like the experts end their work quietly making the wheels of the global economic race.

Am I Eligible to pursue my career as a marine engineer after mechanical engineering? 

 Yes, students having degree in mechanical engineering can take admission in a Marine engineering college. The reason why mechanical degree holders are the most confused with this course is due to the fact that most marine programs, as as M.E./M.Tech. Marine engineering, GME (graduate marine engineering), etc. are advertised with a target of under graduates and diploma but not graduate mechanical engineers.


As mentioned above, for this course qualifying holders of certificates belong to some industries. Students with branches in Mechanical Engineering / Electrical / Shipbuilding / Marine / EEA etc. are eligible for this course. There may be minimum qualification criteria, at certain institutes. Usually they are 50-60% marks in the last year of study.


The candidate must be physically fit and able to take over the role of seaman. The view is also checked before recording. It takes at least one with a mere vision in each eye 12/06. The candidate does not have to suffer night blindness or color.


The age limit is 28 years when the course begins.

Admission Procedure:

Through online / off-line examination, Interviews, Psychometric Test, And Medical Test.
The Entrance test format is multiple choice type. Candidates can be asked questions related to their 10-12th education, general English, etc. Selected applicants will be invited to a personal interview and later to psychometric test to assess their psychology including their suitability for a career In the sea. The selected candidates will be sent for medical examination. The final selection is obtained based on the ratio after the medical examination.


Some best Marine Engineering Colleges to chose from in India:

India is home to some of the oldest and at the same time the best institutes for studying nautical architecture, Marine engineering and science. Affiliates to the respective universities, colleges and courses, which are approved by the National Accreditation Board (NBA) and the Technical Education Council of India (AICTE).

A few of the best are:
  1. Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI),Mumbai.
  2. International Maritime Institute, Noida.
  3. Vels Academy of Maritime studies, Chennai.
  4. Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training (MANET), Pune.
  5. International Maritime Institute (IMI), Delhi.
  6. International Maritime Academy (IMA), Chennai.
  7. Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering (ITME), Kolkata.
  8. Coimbatore Marine College (CMC).
  9. Samundra Institute of Marine studies, Mumbai.
  10. Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET).

Best Marine Engineering Colleges in world:

  1. South Tyneside College
  2. Marine Engineering and Research Institute (MERI), Kolkata
  3. Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI),Mumbai. 
  4. Webb Institute
  5. Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  6. International Maritime Institute (IMI), Delhi.
  7. Toba National College of Maritime Technology
 Class Competency tests

Marine engineers must pass suitability tests to grow at a higher rank. These tests are carried out by the Ministry of Shipping and take most of the time you spend on Earth. Apart from this, they must be regularly updated with security and updating courses.


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