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how hard is marine engineering? | Marine Advice

Transport and transportation are the backbone of modern global economic outlooks and global prosperity. Ships are what the world traffic is based on, which  account for 90% of the total movement of fresh products in the world than any other transport accounts.  It Transmits solutions, food, medical care and living conditions, chemicals, oil, fuel and other loads that are necessary to ensure the viability of each country. Therefore, as an important aspect, a marine engineer plays an important role in international transportation of goods around the world in some form or another in shore, oil rigs, offshore and shipbuilding.

The Capital associated drive the demand in international trade and shipping, So the ships should be advanced and technically sophisticated. The ships are to be maintained with massive engines and factories of electricity for the propulsion and auxiliary on the ship with a specific end goal to Maintain Seaworthiness. All technical aspects of the Ship holds extreme operational efficiency and so  considered and maintained by ship engineers.

A Naval/Marine engineer has too many tasks and duties to take over. A marine engineer has all the functions and marine engines to check. In short, a naval engineer is a person who deals with everything related to the ship, from small things to big issues. Now the responsibility of ship engineers is not only related to ships, but also must ensure the safety of the crew and sailors.

Then what makes it so hard ?
  • Irregular and odd working hours: Usually Marine engineers are assigned only 8 hours of work but are called on duty on anytime 24x7 whether they on duty or not for any assistance. The normal working hours during emergency went up-to 20 hrs many a times so one need to be fit and ready to work at all times. 
  • Disturbed Family life: Most seafarers complain of having challenged family life because they are cut off the family for a long time, i.e 6 months or more. In particular, marriages find it difficult to reconcile family life and work of a marine engineer, so it is very important that your family needs to be truly supportive and understanding about your career.
  • Sea-life is boring: Being in the ship sometimes for as long as 6 months is boring as you don't have much to do and go around other than your work and the ship. seeing water all the time also makes you psychologically depressed so its necessary to keep up your moral up and always ready to work.
  • Market Dependent: Availability of jobs at junior levels depends a lot on the market condition like boom or recession. So one may find himself in a catch-22 situation if the market is at the decline.
Is is worth to become marine engineer? 

Yes... marine engineering is worth the risk.. According to the US Government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, Marine Engineers and Naval Architects earn an average annual salary of $84,850. However, the top 10% of the career field pulls in a healthy $145,790 annually.

Although the market is in recession and companies are not quite interested, The need for marine engineers was expected to grow by 9% from 2014-2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The demand for new Marine engineers will rise due to a no of factors, First many ships are to be modified and installed with latest machineries to comply with latest regulations drawn by IMO and flag states. Second, As the demand for oil is growing world wide, more and more shipment are chartered and so new ships will be bought to cope up with the rise in demand with additional crews and marine engineers hired to work on them. Third, there seems to be a sudden boom in the shipping field just after 10-15 years as the years of looms are to be end very soon, Leading to sudden high demands for fresh and experienced marine engineers.

The level of financial stability is high start from the beginning which allows great deal of money to spent and for savings. There is a whole new world out there to be explored and to feel and see the glim's of the world you watch or read in T.V and magazines.

Work of Marine engineers on Ship:

Engine Room

The main propulsion plant, diesel generator boilers for power generation to produce steam, the fresh water generator, the electrical equipment to the various motors and are in the engine room.
The atmosphere is usually hot and loud in the engine room. The temperature can even rise up to 55 degrees Celsius. Marine engineers perform regular inspections and repairs and maintenance work at the time. Ensure a safe operation of all equipment and follow all safety precautions to prevent marine pollution complies with the strict international regulations.

ECR(Engine Control Room)

All parameters, conditions and the propulsion of the main motor and the connection between the bridge are remote from the engine control room is controlled. Engineers are placed on the watch during the peak day of unmanned ships. In the old ships are usually monitored 24 hours a day rotation 4 hours.

Life on board a Ship

In addition to machine operation, maintenance supervision and regular maintenance, ship engineers spend a lot of time on leisure activities such as sports, games, entertainment and fitness activities. The food served on board is good and healthy, there is plenty of time to relax. Watch the sunset, music, photography, fishing and sports are important activities that are usually done on a boat.

Sea- Merchant naval ship, the time is very important. The load must arrive on time. Communication between the bridge and the space navigation motor control is required to maneuver the ship. Total control with the engineers stopped when a fault monitoring device occurs in bridge. Steering device testing is necessary for the navigation of a ship. The machine must be addressed as required. Always observed always essential solution for the drive safely. The climate is another thing that affects the ship at sea, which affects people on board must be able to withstand tough conditions. All environmental policy and regulations oil pollution must be strictly adhered to. While the ship at sea, profound experience, practical skill and lower attachment is needed to overcome all unwanted situations. The ability to make decisions and take action is required in every ship engineer. The risk of fire and explosion is always high to minimize these risks, we must be well trained and competent.

Ship in harbor

While the ship is in the port, repairs, maintenance and additional checks are carried out by the port authorities. Dock can be at the port, which requires safety. Inventory store Engines and spare parts will be ordered as required. The charging process should go smoothly and the energy production is observed every time.

Apart from this, there is ample time to leave the port and explore new places. You can go and send entertainment. Seafarers can go the country of origin Seaman Club or hotels to sign up to its flight the ship.

Close of Contract

After the end of his contract, returns to his country of origin leaves the earth. There are few companies that pay wages a year. However, wages are usually high compared to other technical disciples on Earth. Full salary savings for us because the boat house and home for the return of the boat are born by the company. They are entitled to be on board in safety and are also exempt from the tax obligations. This point is very important because he / she stays away from home and the family for extended periods of a few weeks to several months.

 All the best.

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