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How many marine engineering colleges in India? | TOP 10

A Marine Engineering career can be very difficult because spending time on a ship can be exhausting for some but equally rewarding because you get a great salary right from the start. With the increase in international trade, shipping industry is growing 90% of the trade and thus the demand for ship engineers in public and private enterprises is also high. In addition to being in the field of action, a naval engineer can work in shipbuilding, engine building companies, research facilities and the Indian Navy.

India is home to some of the oldest and at the same time the best institutes for studying nautical architecture, Marine engineering and science. Affiliates to the respective universities, colleges and courses, which are approved by the National Accreditation Board (NBA) and the Technical Education Council of India (AICTE).

Future Prospect:-
Recent studies worldwide, forecasting growth of international trade which means "Shipping" as a kind of international and intercontinental transport system can never go out of fashion - easier and even cheaper mode.

With a beautiful growth in the shipbuilding industry, advances in engineering techniques and technology has had an impact on the growth in terms of increasing the number of ships sailing to the volume of the seven seas. But with the advancement of technology, the demand for qualified ship engineers has increased exponentially. Therefore, students who pass all institutions continue to be with the shipowners one of the most coveted, worldwide.

Career opportunities for future ship engineers are exciting; Students can work on projects that have global effects of mobile oil-rigs in deep water to keep the site safe through port security. And with the added advantages of a good initial salary and insurance makes any engineering student think about a career in naval engineering.  Click here For more information on marine technology careers.

List of courses offered in Marine engineering:-     
  1. Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Technology in Naval architecture & Ocean Engineering
  4. Master of Engineering in Marine Engineering
  5. Master of Technology in Marine Engineering
  6. Master of Technology in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
  7. Bachelor of Nautical Science
About the course: -
For four years of maritime engineering, B.Tech has been a course of proficiency in naval engineer officer class IV, issued by the Directorate-General for Transport, Government of India, after six months of maritime service, the cadets will sail marine engineers worldwide on board Trade. This course is strictly residential.

Academic preparation: -

    Approve (10 + 2) or equivalent with the physical examination, chemistry and math of the English language as a separate PCM with an average of at least 60% of the materials.
    The candidate for the 2nd year Bachelor of Marine Engineering will register 4 years, provided they have passed the first year of training alternative training program, approved by D. G. Shipping (This does not apply to Meri.)
    Candidates may opt for the 2nd year Engineering 4 years Bachelor's Marine Register have existed in other currents as mechanical or electrical approved by AICTE with a minimum of 60% of the average results of the first year of the Faculty of Engineering.
    Candidates can enroll for the 2nd Marine Engineering Degree in 4 years, which spent three years in Mechanical / Marine / Electrical Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Approved by AICTE or State Council Technical College with at least 55% of the end of the year's degree.
    Candidates can register for the first year cycle 2. Marine Engineering 4 years, which have completed 3 years, in addition to the regular three-year degree in Mechanical Engineering / Electrical / Electrical Engineering and Electronics, in the following categories schools approved by AICTE Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Flow: digital electronics / electronics and communication / electronics and telecommunications / industry / electronics and telecommunications / electronics and telecommunications / electronics and telecommunications / electronics and telecommunications / electronics / electronics production and maintenance / instrumentation / flow control Instrumentation and mechanical engineering: Automotive / machine tool and maintenance / Engineering Factory / Manufacturing Engineering / Manufacturing Engineering / Advanced Diploma Tools Plate [Note: Candidates in this category are not eligible for exemption in mechanical applie D review and submit the word Thermal EUR in part "A" of the Class IV and Class II test CEE certificate of competence.]
    A candidate can join the second year Marina 4 years, the 4 years Marine Engineering Diploma spent by the council or state AICTE technical engineering schools with a minimum of 55% of the grades that are added via diploma

Age Limit :-
Minimum Age Of 17 Years On The Date Of  Joining The Course And Not Exceeding 25 years.
SC/ST : relax-able as per Government guidelines

Physical and Medical Standards :-
Medically fit as per the standards set by Merchant Shipping Medical Examination Rules, 2000 as
amended from time to time.

Eye-sight :-

Distance vision (unaided) 0.5 (values given in Snellen Decimal Notation) (6/12) in each eye or 0.67
(values given in Snellen Decimal Notation). (6/9) in better eye and 0.33 (Values given in Snellen Decimal Notation)
and (6/18) in other eye. Normal colour vision.

Career Prospects :-

The top ranking Marine engineering colleges in INDIA:

  1. Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI),Mumbai.
  2. International Maritime Institute, Noida.
  3. Vels Academy of Maritime studies, Chennai.
  4. Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training (MANET), Pune.
  5. International Maritime Institute (IMI), Delhi.
  6. International Maritime Academy (IMA), Chennai.
  7. Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering (ITME), Kolkata.
  8. Coimbatore Marine College (CMC).
  9. Samundra Institute of Marine studies, Mumbai.
  10. Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET).


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