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how to crack entrance test for marine engineering? | Explained

Marine Engineering is a 4 year regular course in various colleges in India specially situated in coastal areas. For four years of maritime engineering, B.Tech has been a course of proficiency in naval/Marine engineer officer class IV, issued by the Directorate-General for Shipping, Government of India.

There are various top level colleges in India which provide marine education with some particularly focusing on marine engineering. They sometimes conduct entrance test separately or amy wish to accept students from IMU CET conducted on all india level by gov.  

The top ranking Marine engineering colleges in INDIA:
  1. Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI),Mumbai.
  2. International Maritime Institute, Noida.
  3. Vels Academy of Maritime studies, Chennai.
  4. Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training (MANET), Pune.
  5. International Maritime Institute (IMI), Delhi.
  6. International Maritime Academy (IMA), Chennai.
  7. Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering (ITME), Kolkata.
  8. Coimbatore Marine College (CMC).
  9. Samundra Institute of Marine studies, Mumbai.
  10. Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET).
Examination 3600 explaned:

The Entrance exams of all colleges are similar. To a single a written aptitude test, interview, and after a medical examination. But you have to go in three steps to get selected and if lucky get sponsorship. But do not worry, I'm here to guide you through the process. Fortunately, the aptitude test has no negative mark, so relax, Think twice and then answer the question.

The Aptitude test contains four sections, each 50 MCQ (multiple-choice questions), a total of 200 questions in 2 hours to be answered. The number of questions varies from one college to another, but the basic structure is same. The four sections are:
  •     General Awareness
  •     Expertise in Science(12th lnowledge)
  •     Reasoning
  •     English knowledge
Since general skills/awareness and expertise is a little more difficult than the other two, it is better to go first for the other 2. This way, you can save time and collect even more. In general, the number of people who write the exam are in the no of thousands, and the people selected is a hundred. Thus, the chances of being selected are much less if you can beat a big score. People say with contacts(Jack in shipping term) are easily selected in the company and institutes, but only after the written exam. Therefore, any contact you may have will not help you. So keep them aside and focus on the written exams.

First, go to the Reasoning section and learn English. These are very easy to solve. Now the expertise starts, the questions are primarily based on combustion engines, boilers, Rankine cycle, cooling and structure of the ship. Now I am here to guide you through the test, not the knowledge. So friends, if you do not know the structure of the ship and all the basic things, I am sorry to let you know you are not worth a Marine Engineer, then please stop reading and find another job.

Now begins the general awareness section, my friends is the worst section. And guys, remember, computers are not allowed in the exam, you need to know the ability of tricks. Try to solve the simple questions and you have practiced first. Then go to tougher and keep an eye on the clock. So, now all the sections are completed, but with some problems that stay here and there. You can now use the rest of the time to solve these problems.

 The questions with regard to which you really can not solve or the answers guess, check them all "C". According to a survey, permutations and combinations use, the probability that "C" to answer is the highest. So do not hesitate to mark the answer "C" if you are not sure or can not solve it.

If you pass the written test, then the main part comes. Interviews are easy, just be a decent man, trained right, tie and black shoes. When you do so, half of your work is done here. Now the interview will be made by at least 3 people, 1 will be a technical person, 1 HR person and a psychiatrist. The technical person asked, especially on combustion engines and boilers. Ask the HR person about activities and recovery. But the main guys, you must impress in an interview is the psychiatrist. This empowerment psychiatrist are company sponsored. A psychiatrist test your suicidal behaviors. If the psychiatrist asks you why you want to join the Merchant Field, say one thing because I like to work with machines myself instead of a table and not be stressful;)

       Once you have completed the interview, it is only the doctor that stands between you and sponsorship. Now this is something that no one can help you. If you are not in shape, then I can not help you out. Once you have gone through all these tests, you are ready to go. You are just a step of becoming a marine engineer!

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